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Chronic Medicine

Mediscor PBM has been appointed by your medical scheme to administrate your chronic medicine. To confirm whether your medical scheme is contracted to Mediscor ChroniLine™ click here. To obtain authorisation from ChroniLine™ your doctor or pharmacist should phone ChroniLine™ on your behalf. Alternatively you may e-mail or fax your prescription to ChroniLine™.

Phone: 0860 11 9553 (Monday to Friday between 8h00 and 17h00)
Fax: 0866 15 1509
e-mail: preauth@mediscor.co.za

Mediscor ChroniLine™ may require additional information from your doctor or pharmacist. Based on this information your chronic condition will be registered and the appropriate medicines will be authorised. You will also be informed if you are liable to pay any co-payment/s or if the medicines are not covered on you medical scheme option.

How do I know if my prescribed medicines are covered by my chronic benefit?
Your prescribed chronic medicines will be covered according to a set formulary. A formulary is a list of medicines used by medical schemes to manage medicine benefits, especially the chronic benefits. This could either be a Mediscor formulary (called Extended, Standard, Basic or Core) or a formulary from another organisation. To see if your medicines are included in the formulary, go to Formulary Lookup.

For queries regarding the Mediscor Formularies
e-mail: formulary@mediscor.co.za

Last update: 5 September 2011